Source of Ganges Tapovan and homestay in village:- A adventure journey on spiritual trail and culture..
Trek Facts:-
Spiritual and culture
Area Garhwal Himalayas
Trip Duration:- 11nights / 12 days
Trip Grade:- Moderate
Highest Point:- 4500m ( Tapovan)
Highest Camping Point:- 4500m ( Tapovan)
Best Time To Go:- Mid April to June & September to Mid Nov
Gaumukh Situated 268 kms north from Rishikehs at height of 4000 mts. It is 18 km trek from Gangotri temple. According to Hindu mythology, river Ganga appeared here on King Bhagirathi’s request. As king Bhagirathi wants floes his forth father ashes in ganga river to peace for there soul. He did thousand-year pancess on Srikanth and Meru Mountain. It is believed that, searching a lost sheep a shepherd boy reached near a glacier in Gangotri the snout of which exactly looked like the mouth of a cow, and thus it got its name ‘Gomukh’. From then many saints, holy travelers, as well as religious people comes here every year, it is not only a trek, it’ spiritual journey as well which every Hindu wants do once in life. Gangotri glacier is a challenge for every trekker and adventurer, most of who like to go beyond the Gaumukh point to camp right at the base of The Shivling Peak from where one also gets to see a magnificent view of Bhagirathi Peaks. The beautiful meadows of Tapovan is a delight to visit as you have the Shivling peak (6,543 m) – the Matterhorn of India, rising high on one side flanked by Meru and Kedardome and the peaks of Bhagirathi on the other side.

Detailed Itinerary:-
Day 01: Rishikesh Depart for Uttarkashi 165 Km approx 5-6 hrs altitude (356-1158 mts) Guest will depart after break fast and lunch will serve enroot.
Small twon and Historical Places to see on the way to Destination.
Historical places:-
First: Narendra nagar:-59th king of Tehri state Maharaja Narendra Saha built palace here in 1910.
Second Agarakhal: A small town Known for ginger cultivation, restaurant and small shops. People stay at Agarakhal for breakfast and lunch during their journey from long distant villages of garhwal Himalayas.
Third: Chamba: a town situated at junction of road connecting Mussoori, Rishikesh and New Tehri. Also known for a brave solder Gabber Singh Negi, who was in the British Indian Army during World War I and a recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth.
Fourth: Rampur:- A perfect place to view a beautiful 45 km Tehri lake. Tehri also known for Asia’s second largest and world’s number one highest rock fills Dam, and was the state of Maharaja (King’s) Garhwal.
Fifth: situated on the banks of river Bhagirathi, and district headquarters of Uttrakashi. It has oldest temple of lord Shiva which known as Vishwanath, Every evening pilgrims attend the evening Ceremony (Arti) at sunset which also performed in this temple. Is is home to a number of ashrams, temples and the world fames mountaineering institute (Nehru Institute of Mountaineering).

Day 02: Depart for Gangotri (100 kms by Road altitude 1158-3048 mts
Lunch will serve enroot.
Small town and Historical Places to see on the way to Destination
First- Gangnani:- Known for Nuturel hot spring watera and temple dedicated to Sage Parasara, father of Veda Vyas. Most of the devotes take a holy dip in the hot water spring of Rishikund, before heading to Gangotri.
Second-Harsil:-is a beautiful town, hidden secretly in the lap of Himalayas, on the banks of river Bhagirathi surrounded by Dense Deodar forests, apple orchid and Also known for one of tasty kidney bean farming.
Third- Dharali:- is famous for its glittering apple orchards. The lofty trees of pine and deodars encircle the village thereby, making the landscape surreal. known for ancient Shiva temple an awesome depiction of the illustrious cultural and architectural heritage of India
Fourth-Bhairon Ghati:- known for Bhairon Devta temple and deep gorgeg of Jad and Bhagirathi Rivers, A bridge at considerable altitude from river lavel flowing blew and the towering cider trees provide a rare natural Bonanza.
Fifth- Gangotri:- It is a Hindu pilgrim town on the banks of the river Bhagirathi and origin of River Ganges, it has 18th century granite temple dedicated to the Goddess Ganges, where she is believed to have descended to earth. It is situated on the right bank of the Bhagirathi River. Every evening mother Ganges Arti performed at temple hundred of devotees attained

Day 03:- Body acclimation, sight seen and rest at Gangotri.
Day 04: Gangotri for Bhojbasa (14 kms Trek, 6-7hrs, 1158-3048 mts -3742 mts)
Lunch will serve enroot. Interesting places on the way.

After breakfast with pack lunch by 7:00 trek towards Great Gangotri Glacier. After 2km we have to list down the amount of plastic bags.
A gradual 6 -7 hrs through a wide open valley of pine forest and Glimpses of Himalayan peaks and the silence of the Himalayas.
Chirbasa:- Situated at height of (3600mt). Surrounded by cheer (pine trees) a place to refresh after 9 kms trek, then continue further to Bhojwassa.
Bhojbasa:- situated at hiegt of 3800 amsl 14 km from Gangotri. The name ‘Bhojbasa’ comes from the ‘Bhoj-patra’ tree that is laden on certain stretches of the walk to Bhojbasa and is said that ancient texts were written using the bark of the tree Bhagirathi Mountain in all its glory. One can see Bhagirathi Three peaks lying side by side. the entire trail passes through dense forest. Arrive Bhojwassa; there is a small temple and a potential campsite near down the river. We make our camp near river side. Explore the area and to enjoy excellent sunset on Bhagirathi group of peaks. Dinner and Overnight stay at camp.

Day 05: Trek Bhojbasa – Tapovan (Shivling Base Camp 4500 mts, 8 kms Trek, 4-5 hrs)
Early in the Morning enjoy view of Bhagirathi group of peaks. After breakfast head to Gomukh glacier.
Gomukh:- (face of cow) (3890mt) It is believed that mother Ganga appeared here on King Bhagirathi’s request.. Explore the area and trek to Tapovan, one of the finest high altitude alpine meadows in the area. The trek from Gomukh to Tapovan is ascent steep, and as we climb, the view of the surrounding peaks becomes clearer. The appear to be just a stone’s throw away.
Tapovan:- known for its beautiful meadows that encircle the base camp of the Shivling (6500 MTS) peak, Tapovan is a very pleasant surprised spot with a large meadow complete with bubbling streams, wildflowers and campsites. it is said that if some one rally need peace they can get it through the mediation at Tapovan that is why saints choose this spot for extended meditation during the long summer month to meditate. Apart from it Herds of Bharal (mountain goats) are a common sight from here on mountain ridges. On the far side of the glacier the Bhagirathi I, II, III (6454mt), provide an equally impressive backdrop. Dinner and overnight stay in camp.

Day 06: Tapovan (4500 mts)
Free to acclimatize, relax, photography, Meditation, and enjoy the magnificent snow clapped peaks, flora, Fauna and mountain landscape. Explore the Thelu, Chandra, kharch kund, kedar dom Vasuki mountain see beautiful sunset on Shivling, Bhagirathi and Meru. Dinner and overnight stay at the camp..

Day 07: Trek Tapovan – Bhojbasa (3800 mts, 09 kms Trek, 4-5 hrs)
Early Morning with a hot cup of tea enjoy the sunrise on Shivling, Bhagirathi and Meru, after watching the sunrise. time to have break fast and get ready for down hill trek into the valley towards Bhojbasa approx 5 hrs. Overnight stay at Camp.

Day 08: Trek Bhojbasa to Gangotri (6 hours))
After early morning break fast trek down to Gangotri, visit mother Ganga temple to say thank for safe and sound journey. Overnight stay at Gangotri.

Day 09: Gangotri -Uttarakashi (100 kms drive approx 6 hrs
Drive for Uttrakashi seeing Harsil and stay at Ganganahani for hot spring Bath then continue drive to Uttrakahsi over night stay.

Day 10: Uttrakashi- Sem Mukhem temple -Banali Village (drive 130 kms trek 2.5 kms.
Description: – Sem Mukhem suited 195 kms north from Rishikesh at 2400 amsl. According to ancient history Lord Krishna came at Sem in incarnation of Nagraj (snake). The villager believed that the whole area was owned by a guy whose name was Gangu Ramola. Once lord Krishna came here and told the guy that I’m lord Krishna, I seen your beautiful land in the dream and i want here some land to stay but the guy refuses to give land to Krishna, he said that this land is only for my cow, buffalos, and goats even he can’t give 1 inch land to him. Then Lord Krishna shows his power to him, by the Krishna power tiger was eating curd from the Pareda (a special would utensils where villager keep the curd) and snake was drinking milk from the cow’s and buffalo’s udder. The guy was surprised and sad, as his cow and buffalo wasn’t giving milk. Then he realized that Krishna is not an ordinary person, he can’t that he will give some land to Krishna, and however he has one request that there is a woman who is a demon and bother the villager. First Krishna has to kill the demon then he will give the land. Since then Lord Krishna preyed here in snake form as people believed that Krishna came here in Nagraj (snake incretion).
After early morning Breakfast depart for Sem Mukhem approx 60 kms drive it takes 2-3 hrs. A beautiful journey goes through small villages and the town where one can see 200-300 years old traditional Pahadi houses. After reaching Mukhem it is 2 km hardcore trek begins for Sem Nagraj, this temple is the ancient temple of Lord Krishna. After reaching Sem, we will visited temple and get blessings, this temple has a amazing enrage and one can feel that. After visiting temple further 1 km trek takes to a ground where some stone looks like buffalos and snake. After staking some pictures we trek dwon to Mukhem continue drive for Village Banali Village. Overnight at home.

Description:- Banali Village is a perfect place to witness the unmatched beauty of nature. Banali is the historically, culturally, religiously, naturally and traditionally very rich place. It lies between 30 degree north latitude and 78 degree east longitude at 1750 meter above mean sea level in Garhwal Himalaya Uttrakhand. More then 200 families live in Banali. They use agriculture land for their livelihood, they grow local organic vegetable, fruits and some pulses. Villagers are very cheerful and brotherhood living. It surrounded by mountain ridges and step types of fields. In front of Banali village, has magnified view of Tehri Lake. Guest can explore number of legendry, historical places, and unexplored treks which lead to ancient temple of the area. During these temple treks, one can see a wide range of great Himalayan peaks.

Day 11: Banali- Fairies temple trek-Banali ( trek 14 kms both side approx 5-6 hrs
After taking breakfast departure for Pratap Nagar by car approx it is 20 minutes drive. Fairies trails begin from Pratap Nagar, a beautiful small town situated at 2100 m. It is has oldest temple where we will visit to get Blessings. After getting blessing slowly trek to Pidi top which situated at height of 2800 m. Trek goes through the forest of Pine, cider, oak, rhododendron, blue pine. During the trek one can see beautiful view of Tehri Lake and Himalayan mountain. After 7 -8 km it is 2:30-3:00 hours trek we reach at Pidi top which situated at height of 2800 m and where feelings comes that no one is higher than us, except in the front peaks of Himalayas! After taking some photograph of the great Himalayan peaks, lunch and meditation. Later trek down to Fairies temple which situated at height of 2600 m. We will visit temple, get blessing and continue trek back to Pratap Nagar by same path. We back to Banali by drive and stay here for overnight at home.
Day 12: Banali- Rishikesh (130 kms drive
Depart after Breakfast for Rishikesh via Tehri lake.